Homemade Coquito gift with a gold ribbon

How to Make Coquito for a Homemade Holiday Gift

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One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to make homemade gifts for my friends and family. Usually these gifts are food and drinks, since that’s what I enjoy making for people! In this blog post, I’ll show you how to make the perfect Coquito holiday gift this year that your family and friends will love. There’s no cooking or baking involved, and this gift is really simple to make. So let’s get started!

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What you need to complete this project:

Getting Started

First, you’ll want to start by making the Coquito. You can get the recipe for Authentic Puerto Rican Coquito here. This recipe makes about 53 ounces, which is approximately 12 servings.

I recommend making the Coquito and adding it to the jar you’ll be decorating before it’s decorated. That way you can clean the jar if you happen to spill anything on the outside!

Decorating the Jar for Your Homemade Coquito Gift

For this project you’ll need a 32 ounce glass mason jar to decorate – try to find one that’s smooth on the sides so you can add a gift label. I found this mason jar at Michaels, which will hold one quart (4 cups) of Coquito. You’ll have some Coquito left over for yourself, so make sure to have another container you can save it in.

Glass mason jar with smooth sides

Next, you’ll need some ribbon to decorate the lid. Find some pretty satin ribbon that’s about the width of the lid of the jar or maybe a little smaller. I think red or gold ribbon look nice for the holidays.

After you’ve made the Coquito and added it to the jar, cut the ribbon so that it’s long enough to tie a bow around the lid. Make sure the lid is clean and dry before adding the ribbon.

Spool of sparkly red riboon

Finally, you can add a decorative label to the jar, so the recipient knows what’s inside! I created some Coquito gift labels, which you can print at home on label paper. Once again, make sure the outside of the jar is clean and dry before applying the label.

Coquito homemade gift, decorated with a red ribbon

If you’d like to use these Coquito gift labels, you can sign up below to have them sent to your email, along with instructions on how to print them. These labels will work with Avery labels – template 22830, and they’re 2 1/2 inches in diameter. If you need a different size, email me here.

Once you’ve finished decorating your Coquito jar, you’re ready to share this pretty holiday gift! Remember to keep it refrigerated, and that it will stay good about 5-7 days in the fridge.

Will you be making Coquito for your friends and family this Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

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